Wadi el Kouf

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Wadi el Kouf is situated in the Jebel al Akhdar massif of Cyrenaica about 180 kms east of Benghazi and near the town of Beida further east.  Wadi el Kouf stretches for 10 kms from west to east, forming from its basin with its tributaries wadis the source of the great Jarjarummah wadi which flows into the Mediterranean sea.  The view is a spectacular one of towering cliffs and high caves, along with wild trees and bushes of all kinds.  The Wadi area is covered by dense Mediterranean maquis scrub. ” There are essentially three main vegetation habitats: a) maquis;  b) coastal dunes flora;  and c) wadi vegetation.”  More information is available … HERE.

These are some pictures of this beautiful area of the Green Mountain taken last Friday.


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