Ptolemais Ruins

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Ptolemais is situated about 120 km east of Benghazi city, and it lies between the Mountain and the Sea Shore.  This city  must have been a lovely city indeed. “Ptolemais or Ptolemaida was one of the ancient capitals of Cyrenaica. It was probably named after Ptolemy III Euergetes. Its Latin name in Roman times was Tolmeta, from which the modern Libyan town of Tolmeitha – Arabic طلميثة  – derives its name. The town was most probably founded originally in 6th century BC by settlers from Barka as a port for their city.  Soon it became one of the founding city-states of the Pentapolis federation. In 331 BC the union was dissolved after all of its towns surrendered to Alexander the Great. After his death the area formed part of the Ptolemaic empire. In early 1st century the region was conquered by Rome and became a separate province.    This information and more is foundHere ..

Today, Ptolemais lies in ruin and neglect, but still, it remains a part of our history that we can’t deny.  The whole area is occupied by several shepherds and their sheep,  while the modern town of Tolmeitha garbage dump is located nearby in one of the ravines.  The museum of Tolmeitha is a very modest one indeed,  and the road leading to it from the present town is in need for much repair.

However, the beauty of Ptolemais and its ancient history and spirit is always there and can’t be overlooked.  You find the area in its most natural splendor by mid winter and early spring when all flowers are blooming and it is green all around.  Here are some pictures that were taken two years ago. 


Qasr Libya

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
Qasr Libya (Arabic: قصر ليبيا‎) is a small town in northern Libya about 100 miles northeast of Benghazi. In ancient times, it was called Olbia and Theodorias, the ruins of which were excavated in the 1950s. The town contains a museum with fifty Byzantine mosaics. It’s on the cross-roads between the Marj-Al Bayda main road, and the Qasr Libya-Marawah road.
The following pictures were taken in the spring of 2008
of the Museum and the area of Qasr Libya

Battus was here!

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Battus, and a small group of Greek immigrants from Thera, founded in 631 BC Cyrene or Kyrene in north-eastern Libya. Battus ruled as king for forty years, then followed by seven kings of his descendants.
It is so amazing to think that in ancient times this city that lies in ruins Today has been a cultural and commercial centre in the Old World, powerful enough to compete with Athens itself.
Some Pictures of Cyrene Today

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