Pictures of an older Benghazi

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Benghazi of last century had seen many changes in its history. There was a major fire that destroyed its bazaar market (Soug el Jerid) in 1907. In 1911, the Italians invaded Libya. In 1912, the Ottomans left the country alone fighting the invader in a guerrilla warfare that lasted twenty years. The 1930’s of last century have seen the fascists golden era in their fourth shore of Libya. In 1939, WWII started and Benghazi was mostly destroyed between the fighting armies, and when the war ended it was a very sad city. When the oil wealth poured into Libya starting in 1950’s, Benghazi was born again and during the Kingdom era it became the second capital of Libya. The following are some pictures showing Benghazi in these times.
Zrer-aia Farming Village – Ben North
Entrance to Soug Jerid

Arab Old City

City Hall Square
Sabri Light House

Cafe Place near Soug Jerid

Italian Benghazi
Water Well

Shoes Shop – Soug Jerid
Benghazi Areal View – Cathedral

Benghazi Old University – ex Italian Governor Palace

Benghazi Down Town – Italian Era
Benghazi Centre – 1950’s

Benghazi Tree Square


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